Ghostown Blues Bed & Breakfast

Ghostown Blues Bed & Breakfast

Location: Maple Creek, SK

“One of the most unique places to stay in Maple Creek, if not Saskatchewan”

Discover Ghostown Blues Bed and Breakfast and discover a link to the past. With so many things today being driven by mass production and automation, most of today’s accommodations leave little to stir the blood and soul. If you have ever found yourself contemplating what the Canadian dream of free land and a better life at the turn of the 19th century must have looked like to our forefathers, then the quaint, cozy, authentic setting of Ghostown Blues B&B surrounds you with a taste of craftsmanship and the hard labor our ancestors came together so long ago to build. It seems this connection is harder and harder to find in our over fabricated, throwaway world of consumptive one-upmanship.

Here at Ghostown Blues you can experience the organic beauty that remains in the craftmanship preserved in our high quality, unique accommodations. Sit by the fire and enjoy the quiet solitude while you enjoy the sunset, put your feet up on the veranda & enjoy a glass of wine or have your supper out of the back of an original 1925 chuck wagon, while you experience the historic buildings, wagons and structures Greg has spent many years acquiring, relocating and restoring from the pioneer years on the Canadian Praries. Ghostown Blues is one of, if not the only place in Canada where you can experience a feeling of connection to the land and spirit the early settlers must have felt when they risked it all for a better life in a new land.

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