T.rex Discovery Centre

T.rex Discovery Centre

Location: Eastend, SK

The T.Rex Discovery Centre is now closed for the 2017 Season – watch for it’s reopening in May 2018!

Until then – why not enjoy one of the many private events the T.Rex holds throughout the winter including:

What to do in the Cypress Hills - Tea and Fossils at the TRex Discovery CentreTEA and FOSSILS – an opportunity to join paeolontologist Dr. Emily Bamforth for an afternoon of tea and fossil processing!  A truly hands on experience.  All you need is a teacup! (Note: all participants under 13 to be accompanied by an adult).

For more Information Contact:

royalsaskmuseum.ca | emily.bamforth@gov.sk.ca | 306-295-4703

As with the previous sessions, each ‘Tea and Fossils’ event will include 1-2 hours of fossil prep in our lab (no experience necessary), followed by coffee, tea and goodies. We will be working on some of the field jackets we collected from our brontothere bonebed, from Grasslands National Park, and from our Herschel marine reptile site. There will also be an opportunity to pick and sort some new collections of microvertebrate fossils, for those who are interested in that.

The dates for this year are January 20th, February 24th, March 24h and April 28th (all Saturdays) ,  all beginning at 2pm. These are ‘drop in’ sessions, so you can attend as many or as few as you wish.


Inside the T.rex Discovery Centre, the secrets of Saskatchewan’s prehistoric past come to life. Visitors from around the world come to this unique corner of the province to learn about the creatures that once ruled this land.

Scotty, a full size replica of the first T. rex skeleton found in Saskatchewan, now dominates the T.rex Discovery Centre’s Palaeontology Gallery. The first pieces of Scotty were discovered in 1991 in the Frenchman River Valley near Eastend. It is one of the largest, most complete T. rex skeletons in the world. Scotty’s skeleton measures approximately six metres tall and more than 12 metres long, with a massive skull approaching two metres in length!


10am-6pm daily from May 20th, 2017 – September 5th, 2016

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum operates the T.rex Discovery Centre in alignment with its mandate for palaeontology, heritage and cultural stewardship.

For more information

tel: 306-295-4009
email: trex.centre@gov.sk.ca

or visit our website at www.royalsaskmuseum.ca/trex – full Calendar of Events for the T.Rex Discovery Centre for both July and August coming soon.

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