Booking Your Site in Cypress Hills – As Easy as 1-2-3

Booking Your Site in Cypress Hills – As Easy as 1-2-3

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Information on how to complete a booking for Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park Saskatchewan (as of April 8, 2019).

ONE:  Create an account on Sask Parks Website:

2019 Campsite Reservation Service

Have you created your account yet? Create your new account now

The upgraded reservation system was launched early to allow customers the opportunity to set up a new account in before reservation bookings open. Note: The site continues to be configured so information and photos may still change or be added up until April 2. **If you are having issues creating a new account on a mobile browser, try clearing history/website data in internet settings and make sure “Block All Cookies” is disabled**


Two:  Wait until April 16th

Once your account is made, it’s a matter of waiting until April 16th.  In order not to over tax the online booking system, Sask Parks rolls out registration for each park on a different day, and Cypress Hills day is April 16th…..unlike Alberta Parks 90 Day Window….the entire season can be booked after that date.

Use that time to peruse the campground maps and decided what campground loop (Rainbow, Terrace, Warlodge, Lodgepole, Meadows or Deer Hollow (tenting)), you want to be in, and what site(s) you want.  Be sure to create a list of first, second, third (and beyond) choices.

To help you plan – see our selection of campground maps here:


Three:  Head to the Sask Parks Website

On April 16th (or anytime after) head to: – hit “Nightly Camping,” choose “Cypress Hills” as the Park you want, choose the dates you want, and then indicate the type of unit (Select Equipment) you will be camping in as well as your Party Size.  The system will show you what sites are available that will fit the size of RV Unit you indicated.

You can also call the 1-855-737-7275 direct number to Sask Parks after April 16th, and complete your booking by phone, but it might be more difficult to see what sites are available and could be a slightly slower process.


OH NO!  I didn’t get the dates/site I wanted – now what?

Don’t give up. Often times people will book multiple sites before they’ve had a chance to plan their summers. Once their plan is more concrete, they return to the site and cancel those they no longer will use, freeing them up for those that will.  We recommend checking back frequently as the spring and summer progress, to see if your desired site has been released back into the system through a cancellation.


For more information on Sask Parks Reservation system – check out their list of FAQ’s:

For information on Sask Park Fees:

For information on Sask Park’s Update Cancellation Policy:

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