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Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park

Discover Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan! Connect with national treasures and see some of the rarest wildlife in Canada as you explore the West Block’s Frenchman River Valley. Catch a glimpse of a black-footed ferret, short-horned lizard or bison and spy on the comical Black-Tailed Prairie dogs. Hike the breathtaking badlands of the East Block. Discover the astonishing dinosaur bones exposed in the eroding layers of earth. Connect with ranching like nowhere else.

Escape and enjoy the exciting trails, challenging geocaches, guided hikes, special events and the kids Xplorers program. Don’t forget to check out the new camping opportunities. True western hospitality awaits!

THE Events of the Summer!

Badlands Blast
Dig into this day of fossil fun, wagon rides and kids activities! After supper, dance under the stars by the campfire and enjoy a showcase of local musical talent at the Badlands Blast Rock Creek Hoe Down.
July 26th – 3:00pm. Fees apply.

Sleep-Under-The-Stars Party
Sleep? Who said anything about sleeping! Stay up and discover the secrets of a Prairie Night! Western style campfire and supper, music, astronomy fun – all before seeking out the Black-Footed Ferrets in the dark!
August 17th – 4:00pm. Fees apply.

Rock Creek Celebration
Contact us for further details.
July 5 – 3:00pm. Fees apply.

Guided Programs & Other Events

My Family’s Greatest Adventure
Geocaching, cowboy coffee, kayaking, Black-footed ferret spotting – come for a new adventure every Saturday evening at both the Frenchman Valley & Rock Creek Campgrounds.

Fireside Chats, Stories and S’more!
Fridays in July and August have never looked so good! Join us at both Frenchman Valley and Rock Creek Campgrounds for an unforgettable evening.

Rock Creek Star Party
Join the Astronomical Society of Canada to explore the Grasslands National Park Dark Sky Preserve. From the rings of Saturn to a glimpse of another galaxy – the sky has no limit.
June 8th – 8:00pm, Rock Creek Campground

Tribes and Trails in the Uplands
Tour the trails in the Uplands. Enjoy and experience the breath-taking scenery and the pageantry of human history by wagon or horseback. Enjoy a traditional campfire with coffee, tunes and tales hidden deep in the valley bottom.
July 7th – 4:00pm, Rock Creek Campground

A Walk in the Park
Guided walks available every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday at 9:30 am in July and August. Meet us at the Frenchman Valley Campground in the West Block or Rock Creek Campground in the East Block.

Bucket List – Grasslands Top 12 MUST-Dos!

  • Ecotour Driving Adventure!
    • Impress your friends with one of Saskatchewan’s most scenic drives.
  • Wildlife Wonders
    • Build-Your-Own Saskatchewan Safari and see if you can check off at least 5 of our unique wild animals.
  • Ranching Roots
    • Experience the real west! Try your hand at lassoing, visit the underground barn and walk the trail.
  • Dogtown Chatter
    • Photograph comical Black-tailed prairie dogs on your Smartphone / camera as they greet each other with an identifying ‘kiss.’
  • Badlands of Rock Creek Viewpoint
    • The panorama and fossils here are ‘Bad-to-the-Bones’ (that means awesome).
  • Sunset at the Top of 70 Butte
    • Hike the new trail to the top and check out the awe-inspiring colour display and breathtaking view from the highest point for miles around!
  • Front-Country Camping Elegance
    • The new Frenchman Valley Campground balances comfort with a rustic prairie feel. You can even rent a tipi.
  • Backpackers Dream
    • With your home on your back, and the prairie ground at your feet, traverse the Grasslands wilderness to the North Gillespie.
  • ‘Two Trees’ and ‘Riverwalk’ Trails
    • Grab your camera and indulge in nature’s colours across the landscape wandering through wildflowers in the cool of morning.
  • The Land of Ancient Homes
    • Horseback riders aim high to the rims of the Frenchman River Valley and discover ancient tipi rings, fire cracked rocks and cairns along the way.
  • Pic’nic at the ‘Cric
    • Got guests? Bring them to the Rock Creek day-use site for a special type of picnic. Enjoy the shade of the new summer kitchen.
  • Horseback Riders Delight
    • Badland buttes, open skies, ferruginous hawks above and geological wonders below … start at the Rock Creek Day-Use site for a magical day.

Grasslands National Park
Visitor Centre Information

Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff, at both Visitor Centres, help you plan your Grasslands experience.

Hours of Operation:
May 18 – June 30, Thursday to Monday
July 1 – September 2, Daily
September 6 – October 14, Friday to Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm
(*Extended Fridays in July/August, 9:00am-7:00pm)

306.298.2257 (West Block Visitor Centre in Val Marie)
306.476.2018 (East Block McGowan’s Visitor Centre at Rock Creek Campground)

The park is always open.