June 7 – 10th – “The Hills are Alive” Music and Dance Cultural Fest | Elkwater, AB

June 7 – 10th – “The Hills are Alive” Music and Dance Cultural Fest | Elkwater, AB

Location: Elkwater, Alberta

“The Hills are Alive” Music and Dance Cultural Fest is a four-day festival highlighting music, dance and cultural workshops , running from June 7-10th, 2018, celebrating Métis Culture in the Medicine Hat area. It is held at Eagles Nest Ranch just south of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, AB.

Schedule of Events

The festival features instruction in fiddle, guitar, mandolin, piano, drumming, bagpipes, jigging, and square dancing. There’s also an artisan area that features instruction in sash finger weaving, Métis flower beadworking, moccasin making, and capote making.

Photo courtesy of Miywasin Society of Aboriginal Services

Add to that a crafting area featuring instruction in a variety of native crafts, such as dreamcatchers, medicine wheels, medicine bags, loom beading, and friendship bracelets, as well as Métis archival and genealogical education, a research display area with Métis Elders and interpreters teaching Michif and a Métis card game called ‘La Barouche’.

There’s a native games area, and an open mic stage where performers can jam and showcase their talents. In the evenings, there are concerts featuring distinguished musical instructors followed by square dancing.

The evening concerts and square dancing will be held away from the main event area at the Elkwater Community Hall in the township.


Photo courtesy of Miywasin Society of Aboriginal Services

Ticket & Registration Fees

4 Day Pass: $125

Daily Pass: $40

Shared Cabins: $20 per night

RV Camping/Parking: $15 per night

All passes include workshops, cultural activities, meals & evening concerts.

Festival Contact Info

Phone: (403) 526-0756

Email: jhansen@miywasin.ab.ca

Website: www.miywasin.ab.ca