Aug 28 – Sept 2nd – Summer Star Party | Cypress Hills, SK

Aug 28 – Sept 2nd – Summer Star Party | Cypress Hills, SK

Location: Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan

Summer Star Party Cypress HillsThe SASKATCHEWAN SUMMER STAR PARTY, organized by the The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada will take place from August 28-Sept 2nd at the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Camping and Accommodations:

We will be back in Meadows again, thanks to the generosity of the park’s management. The Provincial Parks Reserve-A-Site website (now open and taking reservations). Further information on reserving camping spots will be posted closer to the opening day.  Or visit:


Summer Star Party Cypress HillsWe are looking forward to this year’s star party, the 22nd SSSP! We are currently busy planning for this year’s SSSP and will update this site as soon as things are firmed up.


Details to be confirmed March 2019



Shirt logo and colour, and pin design are now available for viewing. Further information can be found in the “Other” menu option and these items can be ordered through the “Register / Order” menu option.


We attempt to keep costs for the SSSP as low as possible, and for most events we operate on a break-even budget. But now and again inflation and rental fee changes catch up to us and we have to raise some of the prices. This year, we have made a few adjustments: registration has gone up by $5 per category (now $35 single, $45 couple, $55 family). Year pins are up by $1 (now $8). The barbecue is up by $2 (now $7) and the banquet is up by only $1 (now $38 adult, $24 child.) The cost of shirts and patches remain unchanged.


Due to the park’s addition of a Seasonal Campground north of the Meadows campground and the Park Overflow area just to the west, we will be having more trouble restricting white light from car headlights or park overflow campers in some of our peripheral campsites. We strongly suggest that campers using Sites M1 – M30, M68, M114 – M117 set their equipment up in the main observing area, and only use your campsites for camping. We will be doing less white light patrolling in those areas. SSSP holds the star party in the Meadows to provide campsite power, water and the service centre, and for this convenience, we do share the area with nearby non-astronomer campers. The main observing area is very dark.


Some tenters have mentioned that some campsites are not suitable for tenting since the gravel pad area is too hard to pound pegs into and that there is no adjacent grass. These sites would be: M119 – M125, M61, M75, and some sites in the M129 – M135 range. See the Camping section for more information or inform the Registrar you are tenting.

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Contact us at or call Rick Huziak at 306-665-3392 or Les Dickson at 306-249-1091.

Summer Star Party Cypress Hills