Jan 1st – New Years Day Toboggan Party | Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan

Jan 1st – New Years Day Toboggan Party | Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan

Location: Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan

New Year’s Day Toboggan Party

Hill behind the Visitor Centre & Pool

12noon – 5:00pm – Hot Dogs, Hot Chocolate for a Toonie $2

The event is still a GO even if there is no snow – the Park will have the fires going at the toboggan hill along with the hotdogs and hot chocolate for anyone venturing out to enjoy the season. Park visitors could go for a hike, enjoy a stroll around the lake, ice fish on the loch, and….there will be a FUN contest with a prize basket for the ‘family’ who has the most creative ‘Winter season’, ‘Christmas time’, or ‘New Years’ themed song with actions about the Cypress Hills!

The entries will be video recorded and may be shown on Sask Parks facebook.

To participate:

Families or groups of between 3 – 10 people (minimum of 3 family members)

All participants must sign a photo release form

Children under 18yrs old must have a parent/guardian available to sign a photo release form

Subject of the performance must relate to at least one of these ‘themes’ (Winter season’, ‘Christmas time’, ’News Years’) And relate to the Cypress Hills!

Performance must be family friendly

Performance to include singing and actions and may include music

Props and costumes encouraged

Performance should be between 45 seconds minimum to 1min: 15 seconds max

Location of performance: Toboggan Hill

Time: between 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Winning performance will be announced shortly after 3:00pm

New Years Day Toboggan Party, Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan