Fall and Winter in the Cypress Hills Destination Area

Fall and Winter in the Cypress Hills Destination Area

September 5, 2015 / 2 Comments
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Fall and winter are two of the most under-utilized times within the Cypress Hills Destination Area (CHDA), with few realizing its one of the best times to visit if you’re looking for a little peace and quiet and a relaxing getaway in nature. And here’s a few reasons why:

  1. Restaurant Events and Specials

All of the restaurants that are members of the CHDA look to the “off” season as a time to spice things up and cook up some hot deals by offering a bevy of special events and special menus. From Supper Club events, Art Exhibitions, unique fundraisers for local charities, as well as holiday specials, to live music, and seasonal menus there is always something going on. If you had a chance to visit any of these favourite Places to Eat this past summer and loved them, be sure to keep checking our list of Main Events for what else they’ve got cooking this fall and winter.

Fall and Winter Restaurant specials and events in the Cypress Hills Destination Area


2. Activities

Believe it or not, the CHDA doesn’t just shut down after the Labour Day long weekend.  While it’s true many of the businesses in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park close for the fall and winter season, there’s still plenty of activities after the long weekend to keep you active.  At the top of that list is Cypress Hills Segway Tours, which offers guided tours of the trail system in Cypress Hills. Golf is another activity that keeps on swinging at the Maple Creek Golf Course. Horses don’t mind the cold and they’re happy to hit the hills at the Historic Reesor Ranch until the end of October. They also welcome snowmobilers, and even have snowshoes available for guests.  Activities also available in the winter months within both sides of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, and tobogganing.Fall and Winter Activities in the Cypress Hills Destination Area

Grasslands National Park also never closes, and with its southerly location and light snow pack it’s a wonderful place to view wildlife, and hike without the worries of pesky insects!  Nearby in the Town of Val Marie, you’ll also find a wonderful bed and breakfast to base your adventures from, and Sky Story Bed & Breakfast also offers a number of yoga workshops and events as well as art-based events and discounts for artists.

Fall and Winter Activities in Grasslands National Park

  1. Lower Rates

With cooler temperatures come cooler prices with off-season deals and lower rates offered at a number of our hotels and bed and breakfast accommodations. Everyone likes to save a bit of money and autumn and winter are good times to do it.

  1. Weather Is Not A Big Deal

With over 23,000 square kilometres of places to explore, if you don’t like the weather, simply head on over to another part of the CHDA! Rainy day? Get out there and get muddy on the many bike trails offered, head out on a hike, or try your hand at fishing.  Fly-fishing in the fall, and ice fishing in the winter. Shopping is always an option, as is touring a local art gallery, museum, or our own Fort Walsh National Historic Site, which is open until the end of September.  Or simply cozy up to one of the toasty fireplaces both inside and out at a number of our accommodations.

Fall and Winter activities in the Cypress Hills Destination Area

5. Events and More Events

Live Music, Winter Festivals, Holiday Celebrations. These events and more are held throughout the CHDA in the fall and winter, including Cowboy Poetry and the Elkwater Lake Lodge Wine Festival in the Fall, Cowtown Christmas in December, and the Gull Lake Winterfest and Battle of the Little Big Puck in February.  The Resort at Cypress Hills works diligently to mark every occasion from Thanksgiving, Christmas, Family Day, Valentines and Easter with fun family-friendly activities.  Feel free to view our official events page and check back often to see an updated list.  You can also click here to see a full list of businesses and attractions that are open throughout the Fall and Winter months: http://www.visitcypresshills.ca/trip-planning/fall-and-winter-availability-in-the-cypress-hills-destination-area/



If you think the Cypress Hills Destination Area is just a place to visit in the summer months – think again. We’ve got plenty to offer – and we’re always growing those offerings, all year long!  Check out our full list of what is available in the CHDA in the fall and winter months, visit our Main Events page (and keep checking back regularly), for all your trip planning needs visit Cypress Hills Destination Area all year long at visitcypresshills.ca





Hi. Wondering about ski doing. I don’t see much info on it! From Med hat. Woukd like some more information on it. Thx

Hi Jason – there is no snowmobiling on the Alberta side of the Park, and while there IS snowmobiling on the Saskatchewan side of the Park in a designated area, currently it is closed for usage, as it needs to have a foot of snow as a base. We have fingers crossed that some more snow is coming this week. To check on the status of whether or not the snowmobiling area is open or closed, you can call The Park admin office at 306 662 5411.

You can also snowmobile at the Historic Reesor Ranch if you are a guest there. As they are not governed by the Park’s rules, there is more opportunity to snowmobile. You can see more about them on our “Accommodations” page under “Guest Ranches and Alternative Accommodations.”

Let me know if you need any further information.

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