Cypress Hills Winery

Cypress Hills Winery

Location: Cypress Hills, SK

As of September 2016 the Winery no longer offers a Visitor Experience, Gift Shop or Tasting; however, they are STILL producing the wine and you can enjoy a refreshing glass in the Cypress Hills Destination Area! Please see below as to the locations where you can taste the Cypress Hills Winery Wines or order your favourite online.

Nestled at the foot of the historic Cypress Hills sits Saskatchewan’s Premier Winery.  The vineyards are bathed in warm sunshine in the summer and blessed by the mighty Chinook winds in the winter.  It’s this unique micro climate that helps produce wines with such intensity and flavour!

We encourage you to shop online or visit liquor stores throughout Saskatchewan to purchase these gorgeous wines.

Please note: Chokecherry and Mead are only available through our online store.

Places to taste Cypress Hills Winery Wine within the Cypress Hills Destination Area:
  • The Resort at Cypress Hills
  • The Star Cafe
  • The Rockin Horse Cookhouse and Bar
  • Grotto Gardens
  • Harvest Eatery & Fresh Market

To contact the Winery:

Address: Maple Creek, SK S0N 1N0
Phone:(306) 662-4100


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