The Cypress Hills Destination Area’s – Top 10 Christmas Gift Guide

The Cypress Hills Destination Area’s – Top 10 Christmas Gift Guide

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With so many great experiences and adventures to be had in the Cypress Hills Destination Area it’s hard to narrow it down to just 10, but here are some that you can give as a gift – perfect for those who don’t want to shop, or who would rather give experiences than another trinket that will sit on the shelf.  To see a full list of all the shopping and gifts to give in the Cypress Hills Destination Area, click on our Gift Giving Guide:

1. Goat Yoga at Grotto Gardens

Goat Yoga Gift Certificates at Grotto Gardens in Maple CreekYep, you read that right. What is goat yoga you might wonder?  Well….it’s yoga….but with goats!  Enjoy this latest awesome craze at the Cypress Hill’s newest attraction, Grotto Gardens, where not only can you take a therapeutic goat yoga class with little dwarf goats, but also take in Saskatchewan’s only Goat Walk! Both of which are great ways to interact with these loveable and affectionate little guys! Add in a slice of Saskatoon pie or cheesecake, made fresh with their own orchard home-grown Saskatoons, and a glass of Cypress Hills Winery Wine as you relax on their wraparound porch, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect day!

Grotto Gardens Country Market in Maple Creek, SK

Book a class directly if you know the recipient’s travel dates here:

Or if you don’t know their dates, simply click on the above link and put click the blue “Buy a Gift Card” button underneath the calendar. Simply enter $20 for every class you want to give and we’ll mail you out a branded Goat Yoga Gift Card so that you have something prettier than a piece of paper to give! (Of course if time is getting short….the piece of paper will work in a pinch too!).

Downward Goat Yoga at Grotto Gardens in Maple Creek


2. Cypress Hills Segway Tours

See parts of the Cypress Hills you’ve never seen and learn about the flora, fauna and history of the Cypress Hills in this fun new tour that’s available for all ages, all sizes and all abilities.  Watch for NEW Gift Certificates coming soon!  Or call/email them today to arrange!

Cypress Hills Segway Tours

3. Cowtown Culinary Tour

Cowtown Culinary Tour Gift PassEvery foodies delight!  Enjoy this personalized walking tour of Maple Creek’s historic downtown, and learn the history of the buildings and the people of ol’ Cowtown – which had the name long before anyone else (you’ll find out why on the tour).  Along the way you’ll stop for six incredible culinary feasts, which will satisfy even the most discerning of palates.  There’s a reason why Maple Creek is becoming known as a culinary hub. Come on the tour and find out for yourself!

Rockin Horse Cookhouse and BarChoose from dates already laid out for the 2018 tours here:

Or once again if you’re not sure of dates you can buy a gift card and just like with Goat Yoga we’ll mail you out a branded gift card (or once again the piece of paper will do if you’re at the 11th hour and still searching for a gift!).

Cowtown Culinary Tour in Maple Creek Cowtown Culinary Tour in Maple Creek



4. The Resort at Cypress Hills Gift Certificates

The Resort at Cypress HillsIt’s the perfect spot and it always has been, whether you visit in spring, summer, fall or winter the quiet peacefullness of The Resort at Cypress Hills can’t be beat. It’s the perfect way to get unplugged from the fast-paced world and stop and smell the roses.

To help your gift recipient do just that, give them the gift of The Resort at Cypress Hills Gift Certificates.  Use them any time of year towards a cabin, townhouse or hotel room and have their undying gratitude that you cared enough to look after them so well.  Enjoy their regularly scheduled yoga or fitness classes,

Ivans Dining Room at The Resort at Cypress Hillshead out on the trails with their snowshoe or cross-country ski rentals, or pamper yourself a little with a spa treatment and fine food from Ivan’s restaurant.

Choose from $50, $100, or $200 denominations simply by clicking here:

Cypress Hills Winter Travel Deals and Packages









5. Northern Lights Vintage Spa

Northern Light Therapy and Spa in Maple CreekDid someone say SPA?  Sure did! The Northern Lights Vintage Spa offers you incredible service at their new location in the Town of Maple Creek.  Choose from a wide variety of spa therapy sessions from massages to facials, pedicures to manicures. Or just sit and relax in their infrared sauna!  Pick from one of two packages, buy a gift certficate of any amount of your choosing, or book a Group Spa Get-Away Package for you and your besties which includes a 1 hour massage, a mani or pedicure, unlimited use of the infrared sauna plus snacks and beverages!  It’s great for a group of four!

To learn about all of the packages available or to buy them online (yep, that handy instant piece of paper again for you last minute shoppers), just click on the box below.

Northern Light Therapy and Spa in Maple Creek

Northern Light Therapy and Spa in Maple Creek


6. Artistic Gifts from Broken Spoke Fine Art Gallery & Gifts

Broken Spoke Fine Art Gallery and Gifts in Maple CreekHave an art lover that you don’t know what to get for Christmas this year?  Let the folks at Broken Spoke Fine Art Gallery and Gifts help you out. Whether you choose from one of the exquisite works of art on display, or choose from an assortment of fine stones, crystals, healig bath salts, or aromatherapy and essential oil products Broken Spoke will be sure to help you shop for just the perfect gift.  They’ll even make up a gift basket filled with an assortment of products you choose, or they can choose for you.

If shopping in person, you can also take part in their new “Artist’s Cafe” where you can have a seat in an artistic setting while enjoying a capuccino and a taste of Welsh Cake made straight from the owner’s own Grandmother’s recipe.

Check out what they have to offer here:

7, 8 & 9. The Historic Reesor Ranch 

Call the Historic Reesor Ranch directly at 306 662 3498 to purchase a gift certificate for any one of these three great offers:

Accomodations Packages

Enjoy the HIstoric Reesor Ranch's Cowboy Comfort Winter Romance PackageAt the Historic Reesor Ranch you have the opportunity to take in not one, not two, but THREE different experiences.  Purchase one of their accommodation travel packages, most of which start with the words “Cowboy Comfort” to put you in in the right mood, and then finish off with a gift basket of goodies, served up in your own cabin in the woods, and paired with all the fixins for breakfast.

Learn more about their packages here:


Not sure what to get?  Purchase Gift Certificates that can be used at The Historic Reesor Ranch for any of their accommodation, dining or adventure options:


Horseback Riding Experiences

Photographer Thomas Sabato's photos of the Historic Reesor Ranch and the Horseback riding adventures they host are simply stunningOne of Canada’s Signature Experiences at the Historic Reesor Ranch this isn’t just your typical trail ride. Head out to rustle up some cattle, ride across an open plateau, and explore the West Block of the Cypress Hills with the Ranch’s own wrangler as your guide.  An unforgettable riding experience in an unforgettable setting. Learn more about these tours here:


ATV Guided Tours

ATV / Quad Tours at the Historic Reesor Ranch in the Cypress HillsThe first of its kind in Saskatchewan, enjoy this powerful yet easy ATV ride through some of the most scenic lookouts the Historic Reesor Ranch has to offer. Stunning vistas and spectacular scenery await on this guide tour. But don’t worry, no experience is necessary.  Your guide will show you the ropes as you go! Learn more about these tours




10. Souvenir Calendars

Not sure your recipient will be able to get out and do some adventuring next year, but you still want to give them a bit of the Cypress Hills?  Well now you can with photographer Wendy Nuttall’s 2018 Souvenir Calendars.  Born and raised in the Cypress Hills, Wendy’s unique perspective makes you feel like you’re right there with her as she takes the picture.  Buy them online or head to one of a number of retail outlets that carry her work. You can even get a notecard or magnet to compliment your calendar!

Find out more about where you can purchase the 2018 Souvenir Calendars of the Cypress Hills here:

Wendy Nuttall 2019 Souvenir Calendars of the Cypress Hills Wendy Nuttall 2019 Souvenir Calendars of the Cypress Hills























Need more ideas?  Head to our Christmas Gift Giving Guide  to see all that the Cypress Hills Destination Area offers this Christmas:

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