Leader and the Great Sandhills Loop Bus Tours

Leader and the Great Sandhills Loop Bus Tours

Location: Leader, SK

The Cowboy Boot Arch at the Great Sandhills on the Leader Bus Tour


Leader & District Tourism
Contact: Brooke Clary
306-628-3860 (Monday to Friday)
Email: recreation.leader@sasktel.net

Tour Cost:


Lunch and accomodation not included.


Tour # 1 – June 6th

Tour # 2 – August 1st

Approximate Time: 8a.m. – 5:30p.m.

**All tours leave from the Leader Tourist Info Centre located at the corner of 5th Ave E and Highway #21


Meet the Guide:

Meet your tour guide, Kerry! Kerry lived and worked in the area for many years before relocating. His experiences as a Conversation Officer and his volunteering with the local tourism operations have given Kerry vast knowledge about this area. Kerry has coordinated and lead countless tours, hosted a Nature Saskatchewan annual meet, and organized local bird watching festivals to mention just a few things.

Tour Information:

This tour hits up all of the attractions in the Leader area.  Enjoy a day of art, nature, culture, and history as Kerry entertains you with his knowledge and humor. 

The Great Sandhills on the Leader Bus TourWhat will you see?

  • Downtown Leader
  • St. John’s School & Mini Church
  • Larger than Life Sculptures
  • Smith Barn Replica
  • Area Wildlife & Vegetation
  • Blumenfeld Church on the Leader Bus TourTourist Centre
  • The Great Sandhills
  • Great Sandhills Museum
  • River Ridge Gold Course
  • Estuary Hutterite Colony
  • Historic Blumenfeld Church
  • Sagebrush Studios

If looking for accommodations or camping in the Leader Area:

  • Lion’s Campground
  • Leader Motel (306) 628-4444 info@leadermotel.ca
    Leader Inn (306) 628-3854
    Grandma’s Shirley Bed and Breakfast 1 (306) 628-3726

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Enjoy a preview of what the Leader Bus tour offers:

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