Nicholas Gabruch and Scott Aspinall Photography Workshops

Nicholas Gabruch and Scott Aspinall Photography Workshops

Location: Southwest Saskatchewan

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Nicholas Gabruch and Scott Aspinall Photography Workshops

(Update:  Availability for the 2-night workshops in Grasslands is sold out, and only Qty 2, 2-night spaces for the Great Sand Hills Workshop are available.  1-Night options for both workshops are still available). 

Have you ever dreamed of being able to take images of the bright stars that keep you in awe on those warm summer nights?  Do you want to experience Saskatchewan’s world renowned dark skies and explore our unique landscape?  How about photographing Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky?  If the answer is yes, then these workshops are for you.

Join photographers Nicholas Gabruch and Scott Aspinall to explore the dark skies of Saskatchewan and let them teach you how to become proficient in capturing their beauty in this series of 1 or 2 night workshops exploring unpolluted wilderness landscapes in Saskatchewan, capturing incredible photographs.

Choose from one of two available workshops:

Great Sandhills

The Great Sandhills contain one of the largest set of active sand dunes in Canada.  Rising high above the terrain, the Great Sandhills cover 1,900 square kilometres.  The dunes are always moving and creating an ever-changing landscape. They are located just outside of Leader, SK.  In this 1-2 day workshop, instructors Nich and Scott will help you explore this absolutely unique Saskatchewan landscape and take advantage of the overwhelming options for compositions, as well as the perfectly dark skies of the park.

Date: May 4-5th, 2018 (NOTE: Change from original May 6-7 posting)
Investment:  $175 (1 night) – $600 (2 Nights + 1 on 1 Editing)
Class Size:  10
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Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park, located in the south of Saskatchewan, is one of the most unique and interesting geological locations in the province.  Created by erosion from glacier meltwater, what has been left behind are stunning vistas, bison herds and the Frenchman River Valley.  The best time to visit is in May and June when the grasslands are in full bloom with flowers – perfect for this workshop!

Grasslands is a Dark Sky Preserve!  The parks is so far from cities and towns and other sources of light that when it gets dark, it’s really dark.  Val Marie, 1 hour south of Swift Current, will serve as the base of operations for this exciting adventure workshop.

Date:  June 15-16th, 2018
Investment:  $175 (1 night) – $600 (2 Nights + 1 on 1 Editing) (2-Night Workshops space is SOLD OUT, 1-Night spaces still available)
Class size: 10
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