Star Gazing | Grasslands National Park

Star Gazing | Grasslands National Park

Location: Grasslands National Park

Explore star gazing in Grasslands National Park Dark Sky Preserve. From the rings of Saturn to a glimpse of another galaxy – the sky has no limit.

Grasslands National Park of Canada, a protected place of national significance, inspires discovery of its unique prairie species and ecosystems, captivating viewscapes and the amazing adaptations of plants, animals and people to its challenging environment. During the International Year of Astronomy, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada declared Grasslands National Park a Dark Sky Preserve (2009). The vast open landscape of the West and East Block covering over 729 square kilometres, holds above it Canada’s darkest Dark Sky Preserve, perfect for an evening of Star Gazing.

Contact the Visitor Centres of Grasslands National Park to learn about their Dark Sky Programs:

p. 1-877-345-2257 (West Block Visitor Centre – Val Marie, SK)
p. 1-306-476-2018 (East Block McGowan’s Visitor Centre at Rock Creek Campground)

For more information:
Phone: 1-877-345-2257

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