Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park

Location: Val Marie, SK

While the Visitor Centre in Val Marie may be closed for the season, Grasslands National Park is NEVER closed.  Drive the Eco-Tour Road to see native Bison roaming the plains, or take one of the many hikes to be found in the area.  For those who love nature and wildlife in an unspoiled setting it’s a dream come true.

Connect with national treasures and see some of the rarest wildlife in Canada as you explore the West Block’s Frenchman River Valley. Catch a glimpse of a black-footed ferret, short-horned lizard or bison and spy on the comical Black-Tailed Prairie dogs. Hike the breathtaking badlands of the East Block. Discover the astonishing dinosaur bones exposed in the eroding layers of earth. Connect with ranching like nowhere else.

Escape and enjoy the exciting trails, challenging geocaches, and unfettered hiking. Don’t forget to check out the new camping opportunities. True western hospitality awaits!

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