Celebrate Dad With These 10 Fun Activities

Celebrate Dad With These 10 Fun Activities

June 4, 2019 / No Comments
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We all know how hard Dad’s work which is why it’s important to let them play on Father’s Day.  If you’re looking for ideas, here’s a few we love!

1. Go Segwaying

If it’s got a motor, chances are your Dad will love it, so Dad will absolutely love these high-powered segways with off-road tires!  Cypress Hills Segway Tours even has a special promo for the Father’s Day Weekend (both Saturday and Sunday), where those Dad’s accompanied by their child 12 years or older, will receive 50% off!  Find out how to book here:  http://www.visitcypresshills.ca/trip-planning/holiday-festivities/fathers-day/fathers_day_segway/

Father's Day Special with Cypress Hills Segway Tours


2. Go Golfing

The Maple Creek Golf Club and River Ridge Golf Course in Leader are fantastic courses for both kids and Dad’s, where Dad can take the time to share his love of the sport with kids new to it, without any undue pressure to hurry. They’re both very affordable too!  This Father’s Day Weekend the Maple Creek Golf Club have their annual Men’s Best Ball Tournament for Dad to take part in, on the 15th and 16th.  Two full days of golfing with a supper to follow on Saturday night!

Maple Creek Golf Course Tournament near Cypress Hills.Men's Best Ball Golf Tournament Maple Creek Golf Club.




3.  Go Kayaking

Dad’s love kayaking, whether they’re paddling along in a group, taking a solo trip around the lake, or taking part in the fun of the Paddle & Yoga Picnic happening at Carefree Park in Simmie the Saturday before Father’s Day, nothing beats the fun of paddling!  Enjoy a guided tour with Carefree Adventures on Father’s Day in Simmie, or rent them on both sides of Cypress Hills.

kayaking iat Elkwater Lake in Cypress Hills, Alberta.

Paddle & Yoga Picnic at Simmie.

Paddle & Yoga Picnic at Simmie

4. Go Hiking

With fantastic trails on both sides of the Cypress HillsFort Walsh National Site, Grasslands National Park, and the Great Sandhills there are ample opportunities to connect with Dad AND Nature this Father’s Day.  Pack a picnic or let The Shop Bakery & Deli pack one for you in one of their fabulous new Bento Boxes (with an added S’mores Bar for extra energy).  Fun and tasty for the whole family! Both the Saskatchewan and the Alberta Visitor Centres also have GPS units to allow you to Geocache free of charge. Check out our Area’s trail maps here: http://www.visitcypresshills.ca/what-to-do/summer-activities/hiking/

Hiking in Cypress Hills, Alberta.

Bento Box Picncis available from The Shop Bakery & Deli in Maple Creek, SK.



5.  Go Fishing 

Great fishing abounds in the Cypress Hills Destination Area.  From simply dropping your line in from the shoreline at Loch Leven in the Centre Block of Cypress Hills, SK or Reesor Lake, Spruce Coulee and Elkwater Lakes in Cypress Hills, AB, to boating and fishing in Elkwater and Cypress Lake (locate 48 km south of the Park on the Saskatchewan Side), to fly-fishing in Battle Creek in the West Block of Cypress Hills.  If Dad loves to fish, Dad will love us!  Check out the details on the great fishing to be found (and be sure to check out the photo of the whopper of a Rainbow Trout that was caught in Loch Leven): http://www.visitcypresshills.ca/what-to-do/summer-activities/huntingfishing/

Fishing at Elkwater Lake in Cypress Hills, Alberta. Fishing Reesor Lake, Cypress Hills


6. Go ATV’ing OR Horseback Riding

Depending on which kind of horse-power Dad likes, the Historic Reesor Ranch located midway between the Alberta and Saskatchewan sides of Cypress Hills can help a guy out!  Offering both ATV Guided Tours AND Horseback Riding Adventures, it’s a chance to explore the wilderness of the West Block from a new vantage point! (NEW this year – you can book both adventures online!). And don’t forget to treat Dad to one of their infamous steak suppers at their Ranch Hall Grill!

ATV / Quad Tours at the Historic Reesor Ranch in the Cypress Hills

Horseback riding at the Historic Reesor Ranch in Cypress Hills.


7. Go Biking

The Mountain Bike Trails in our Area are to die for!  The 670 Collective Mountain Bike Club out of Medicine Hat works hard on the Alberta side of the Park to give you the challenging trails you’re looking for, while the Centre Block of Cypress Hills on the Saskatchewan side has some easier rides to tackle.  Love hills?  Both Fort Walsh National Historic Site in the West Block of Cypress Hills, and Grasslands National Park have them to offer (so much for Saskatchewan being flat!).  Check out all of our biking offers at this link:  http://www.visitcypresshills.ca/what-to-do/summer-activities/biking/

Mountain Biking in Cypress Hills, Alberta.Grasslands National Park


8. BBQ it Up!

For some Dad’s who are a little more laid back, bbq’ing over an open flame is the sum of all activity they want to take part in – well, we’ve got that too!  Ranch House Meats (Shaunavon), and the Daily Grind and Grotto Gardens (Maple Creek) have all the spices and slices (of meat), sauces and BBQ’ing implements you need for Dad to become King of the BBQ!  (There’s even a contest on at Ranch House Meats that will allow you to WIN one of these incredible BBQ’s from Pit Boss! – learn more here: http://www.visitcypresshills.ca/trip-planning/holiday-festivities/fathers-day/fathers-day-special-at-ranch-house/

Sauces and spices for all your BBQ needs at Ranch House Meats in Shaunavon.


9. Go for Supper

Whether you done a ton of activities throughout the day, or you’re just looking for a place where neither Mom NOR Dad have to cook – then you have to check out these dinner options.  Whether it’s a Steak dinner at the Historic Reesor Ranch’s Ranch Hall Grill  (Open Sunday the 16th), one of the sumptuous steaks from Chef Ralph at the Rockin Horse Cookhouse & Bar in Maple Creek (Open Saturday the 15th), or the incredible special Buffet dinner at the Elkwater Lake Lodge specifically for Father’s Day – Dad will get a good feed!

Father's Day Buffet at the Elkwater Lake Lodge in Cypress Hills, Alberta.

Steak supper at the Ranch Hall Grill located in the West Block of Cypress Hills.


10. Just Spend Time Together

At the end of the day, what’s really most important about Father’s Day is spending time with your Dad. Hang out, relax, and have fun.  That’s really that activity that matters most to them.

Exploring in Cypress Hills, Alberta.

Hiking at Fort Walsh National Historic Site

Camping in the Cypress Hills.

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