E-Bikes in Elkwater

E-Bikes in Elkwater

October 5, 2020 / No Comments
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Have you tried riding an E-Bike, yet?

After seeing them pop up in a few different locations, I had been wanting to try them out, so when Elkwater Lake Lodge announced that they are now renting out these bikes, I had to book a trip to the Alberta side of the Cypress Hills Inter-provincial Park.  I was early arriving for check-in, so wasted no time jumping on one of these electric powered two-wheelers.  A staff member adjusted the seat for me, gave me a helmet and a tool set, and I was off!

It took me a few minutes to get the feel for the acceleration, so I used the hall parking lot nearby to practice a few laps.  The handle bar had one throttle, but the bike also sped up after pedaling a few times.

Once I was comfortable, I took advantage of the extra power and headed uphill.  Being a flat-lander, inclines are not something I would normally be excited about while on a bike!

The fall colors were beautiful and I aimlessly cruised around.  Uphill.  Downhill. The scenery was spectacular.

Lakeside drives are my favourite, so I cruised along the paved road next to Elkwater Lake.  That was the farthest I had been down that road and I found a few beautiful places to camp on my next trip.

E-Bikes are a great way to get out and cover more area.  My heart rate still rose and I did have to pedal.  The fall air was refreshing as I explored more of the Alberta side of Cypress Hills.

After a fantastic time out on the road, I got to relax in the new condos at the lodge and enjoy a glass of Cypress Hills Wine on the balcony.  My room was so comfortable that I didn’t leave it until breakfast the next morning at Buglers Restaurant.  The Eggs Benedict fueled me up for a day of hiking.  Yes, my flat lander legs were feeling the push, but it was worth it!















There is still time for you to enjoy an E-Bike experience.  If you can’t make it this fall, Elkwater Lake Lodge is perfect for winter!

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