Eastend to Ravenscrag top drive in Cypress Hills – Photo Journeys

March 30, 2017 / 2 Comments

A blog post created by Robin and Arlene Karpan

The Cypress Hills abounds in scenic driving routes, especially around the town of Eastend, so named for being at the east end of the Cypress Hills. The one that tops our list for photography is a 50-km or so loop trip from Eastend, combining Ravenscrag and Middle Bench Roads. We have more details in our …

Source: Eastend to Ravenscrag top drive in Cypress Hills – Photo Journeys


Margo Saunders

On my jaunt around the internet checking out sources and other sites relevant to this publication, I came upon the most amazing statement, and if every author or bookseller used this blurb, I would have to build a lot larger house to sequester all the volumes that were touted. I love this:
“Lavishly illustrated in full colour, Northern Sandscapes combines an exciting wilderness canoe journey with history, wildlife, unique geology, and botany.”
There could never be anything that would draw me more, and every single thing in it is my life!
I am now going to contact my local bookseller and have her order me a copy of “Photographers Guide to Saskatchewan” immediately! This is the book I was checking out, as I have a trip thru the four western provinces coming up in June of 2018, and this will surely whet my whistle for spending an inordinate amount of time in my “new” RV and this area.
Who says that no one goes to Saskatchewan except to visit relatives?

We’re looking forward to your visit Margo!

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