Sask Skies GeoTour

Sask Skies GeoTour

Location: Cypress Hills Destination Area

Saskatchewan Skies GeoTour

This self-guided geocaching tour is the perfect way to discover the entire Cypress Hills Destination Area!

Located in southwest Saskatchewan, the SaskSkies Geotour will take you on a journey through the vast and varied landscapes of the Cypress Hills Destination Area. Walk through native prairie grasslands where bison still roam in Grasslands National Park. Visit the forested hills of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park and Fort Walsh, the birthplace of Canada’s Northwest Mounted Police. Discover natural wonders, the old west, dinosaurs, fabulous food, and how to fly through the trees (though not necessarily in that order). See for yourself why we say – “It’s time to explore.”


1 A Bird in the Hand GC2E01Q
2 family wish 2 GC12Q8Q
3 On the Highway GC4RRDN
4 End of the Line! GCWHFA
5 Forgotten Corner GC2VN1E
6 Ditched GC50H9E
7 Nested GC50H91
8 Ghost Town View GC50H9M
9 Cypress Tea House GC2ZDX5
10 Beautifully Hidden GC1WX6E
11 King’s Cliffs GC1WT8V
12 Cache with a View GC50H80
13 “Look out, Way Out” GC1X9ZM
14 “Edge of Darkness” GC320PX
15 “Squirrel Chasers” GC1WQVR
16 Common Loon GC1X1YN
17 Gary’s Pin Trader GC1E0PX
18 Bridge Over Low Waters GC3B864
19 Lodgepole Pine Forest GC1VZ61
20 Highland Stash GCXEB2
21 Don’t Drink The Water GC2CWF2
22 Watch Out for T-REX GC2BRCW
23 Observe Seek and Ye Shall Find GC1RKQG
24 Friendship Cache GC2DHC1
25 No Nunsense GC43X68
26 Prairie Trails (Val Marie) GC1V4AX
27 Down by the Creek GC4D2BT
28 The Elevator GC3W29Q
29 The Destination Station GC3VB4W
30 5 Themes (multi cache) GC23X11
31 Antique Car Town GC1QX9Z
32 I Love Shaunavon GC27CWZ
33 Trans Canada Trail 1 GC20ATZ
34 lonely 7 GC26PWD
35 nice town GC1RW97
36 route map GC1RW91
37 many names GC1RW8J
38 On The Freeway – Almost – TCDNSK GCZD1M