Fort Walsh Hiking Trails

Fort Walsh Hiking Trails

Location: Fort Walsh National Historic Site

Hiking at Fort Walsh National Historic SiteFort Walsh is pleased to open two new trails for your hiking pleasure.

The Métis Trail located at the picnic site is perfect for the entire family. This tranquil trail winds along the beautiful Battle Creek. Wheelchair and stroller friendly.

Looking for something more adventurous? Then try our new Battle Creek backcountry Trail. This 5KM loop trail will lead you to the Cypress Hills Massacre National Historic Site. The air sweet with the scent of pine and an alpine-like carpet of fescue prairie wildflowers at your feet.  Take the climb up to the third set of Red Chairs just across the Creek at the Trail Head (see map).

If you find the 2.5 KM Backcountry Trail too taxing once you arrived, no worries, you can take the much easier 2.5 KM access road back to the fort.

Find the newest map here.

Hiking Trail Map Fort Walsh National Historic Site